I have had this website for over and year and this is my first blog post.  I specifically asked my husband, the web designer, to make sure this function was available in my layout and here i am, FINALLY getting around to doing it.

I know that "adult coloring" books are all the rage these days, but I have had a love of coloring since I can remember.  My mom also loves to color and that is probably what started my coloring jouney.  When I was younger my mom had her own colors and coloring books that I was not allowed to use.  She prefered to use unbroken crayolas and color people, ie Barbies.  We would sit for hours coloring while cookies baked or just talking about nothing in particular.  She would even gift me a huge box of crayolas (you know the good 64 pack) and books for Christmas when i was way into adulthood.  

When my children were young (they are 20 and 23 now) they also partook in the coloring ritutal.  I of course had my own crayolas, complete with sharpener and Disney princess coloring books.  They both color with me on occasion now and I always think of the time I spent with my mom coloring and just being together.

During furlow I upgraded to some pricier colored pencils and gorgeous books I found on Amazon.  I set up a coloring station in my sun room and colored everyday.  Since I've been back to work and the time change takes away the sun too soon, I haven't colored in quite a while and I'm itching to get back to it.  

I don't know if coloring is really a stress reliever, but it makes me feel artsy.  I have always wanted to paint or draw and that is not a talent I possess.  I suppose I will leave that to the real artists and continue on my jewelry making journey instead. These pictures come from books by Hanna Karlzon and I found them on Amazon.  I also used Arteza colored pencils.